The Carol Joy London Travel Skincare Edit

The Carol Joy London Travel Skincare Edit

Planning a getaway? Here’s a guide to the Carol Joy London skincare essentials for your upcoming holiday trip, for guaranteed glowing skin. 

How we love to plan for that long-awaited holiday - anticipation is all part of the excitement and planning what to pack all part of the fun. However, with current travel disruptions it can be challenging, so travelling light is all important.

Your favourite Carol Joy products will be your travel heroes - keeping your skin super supple and hydrated wherever you go. A few quick time saving tricks will work perfectly to ensure you can max out on your downtime without compromising on your skincare. You want to look the best version of yourself - on the beach, poolside or with an evening cocktail.

The first item to go in our bags is our Pure Collagen Spray, it just makes us smile every time we use it. It is certainly the well deserved jewel in our range. Just one quick spritz is perfect for nourishing your sun-kissed skin, rebalancing and soothing. A divine tonic in itself. Your skin will look and feel plumped up and revitalised. Add our beauty bar set which includes compact travel favourites of the Cleansing Cream, Lifting Mask, Day Care Moisturiser and Collagen Eye Mask and you’re good to go.

It has long been our mission at Carol Joy to enable you to look and feel as glamorous as the surroundings you are in, and our range of skincare essentials, endorsed and beloved by the beauty industry and influencers alike is simply perfect for travels at home or abroad. Enjoy your travels and have fun.