Our Heritage in Skincare

    Celebrating 15 years of skincare innovation and excellence

    Today, Carol Joy London epitomises luxury, gracing prestigious locations around the world. Utilising the finest formulations and ingredients, Carol's vision is to set the standard for opulent spa experiences, offering bespoke skincare regimens that provide targeted results and a sense of indulgence, whether experienced in spas or in the comfort of one's own home.

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    Years of Development

    Years of Development

    After extensive research, Carol Joy London perfected its Triple Action Collagen formula with superior German collagen, revolutionising luxury skincare to deliver unmatched hydration, elasticity, and texture.

    Discover how we optimise the use of collagen in some of our products.

    Native Collagen Fibres

    Our unique Native Collagen Fibres help strengthen the epidermal barrier, boost hydration, and soothe signs of irritation. They are also 97% identical to human skin which helps to optimise the bioavailability of actives and preserve their efficacy.

    Soluble Collagen Molecules

    With an unparalleled ability to bind water to the skin’s surface, Soluble Collagen Molecules help maintain your skin’s ideal hydration levels. This, in turn, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and enhances skin suppleness.

    Collagen Peptides

    With a low molecular weight, our skin-mimicking Collagen Peptides effortlessly permeate the epidermal barrier to support collagen synthesis. This helps to improve firmness and elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

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    Rich in Oleic Acid, Omega Oils, and Essential Fatty Acids, Golden Millet Oil is proven to enhance overall skin health.

    Not only does this nourishing active help boost moisture levels, it also reduces transepidermal water loss, rejuvenates skin, and strengthens the epidermal barrier.

    As pioneers of its use in skincare, we use a unique extraction method to improve its potency in our formulas.

    15 years in development

    We have spent 15 years working with leading skincare labs in Switzerland to develop a unique method of harnessing Golden Millet Oil that guarantees maximum potency.

    Optimum results

    By preserving and optimising the coveted benefits of Golden Millet Oil in this way, we have ensured that our formulas boast maximum efficacy and deliver unparalleled results.

    Unique technology

    We are proud to say that this innovative technology is unique to Carol Joy London. To date, we are the only skincare brand using Golden Millet Oil in its most potent form.