Why use a serum?

Why use a serum?

When compared with moisturisers, serums contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. For instance, our Ultimate Serum boasts an age-defying, radiance-boosting complex of Collagen Peptides, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. This targeted action allows for deeper penetration and superior results.

The formula

The formula

The Ultimate Serum is powered by four powerful actives that work in synergy to enhance radiance, boost hydration, and target signs of ageing. Expertly crafted for unparalleled results, the complexion-perfecting formula has been designed to leave your skin looking younger, plumper, and illuminated.

Collagen Peptides penetrate deep into the epidermis to support and strengthen your skin’s collagen matrix. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting plumper, firmer skin. 

The Ultimate Serum also packs a potent punch of skin-quenching Hyaluronic Acid. This super-humectant works by binding water to the skin to help combat dryness and dehydration. The result? Smoother, plumper, and beautifully hydrated skin.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that works alongside Collagen Peptides to support skin health. Not only does it combat free radical damage and oxidative stress, it also helps to hydrate and brighten your skin for a naturally radiant appearance.

The Ultimate Serum also boasts a brightening dose of Alpha Arbutin. This clever active blocks tyrosinase activity to help combat excess melanin production that can lead to complexion irregularities such as age spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Transform your routine into an at-home facial

Transform your routine into an at-home facial

We asked Faye McAuley, our Global Head of Spa, to reveal her industry-approved application technique.

“Cleanse and tone your skin to ensure optimum delivery of the Ultimate Serum’s active ingredients. Then, apply 2-3 drops of serum to your hands and gently press it into your skin. For even deeper absorption, use our Rose Quartz Facial Roller to massage the serum in while lifting and sculpting the face. Finish with a barrier-boosting moisturiser to lock in hydration.”

– Faeye McAuley, Global Head of Spa

The truth about serum

Whether you are just getting started with serums or they are a staple in your skincare routine, we want to clear up any confusion as there are many misconceptions about these formidable formulas.

FACT: While some serums are specifically formulated to target signs of ageing, others contain actives that address different concerns such as dullness, dehydration, and blemishes. Serums are therefore a worthwhile addition to any routine, regardless of your age.

FACT: Each serum is powered by a unique formula of actives and boasts its own set of benefits. The Ultimate Serum, for example, combines brightening Vitamin C, firming Collagen Peptides, and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to offer a range of visible results. Understanding your skin type and concerns is key to choosing the best serum for you.

FACT: Serums and moisturisers work hand-in-hand, playing different but complementary roles, so it pays to have both in your routine. Serums are targeted treatments that deliver concentrated actives deep into your skin. Moisturisers, on the other hand, work on the surface to create a protective barrier that locks in hydration and keeps your skin feeling soft and supple.