Clinically proven results

Clinically proven results

Fight signs of fatigue with the innovative, science-backed Collagen Eye Mask. Clinically proven to target fine lines and boost hydration, this 20-minute treatment promotes smoother, brighter, younger-looking under-eyes.

Immediately boosts hydration by 51%

*Based on the results of a clinical trial on 10 participants aged 35-60 after 20 minutes

The formula

The formula

The Collagen Eye Mask is powered by a rejuvenating, collagen-packed formula. Expertly crafted from Native Collagen Fibres, each patch gradually releases moisture and active ingredients into skin for unparalleled results.

Native Collagen Fibres are 97% identical to the human epidermis and act like a second skin. This innovative material allows for a controlled release of moisture-enhancing actives, ensuring optimal delivery into your skin.

Collagen Peptides help to support healthy elastin and collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. Their regenerative properties also promote smoother, firmer skin and result in a younger-looking complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and plumps the delicate under-eye area. When used alongside potent collagen actives, this powerful humectant helps to minimise fine lines and support elasticity while rejuvenating skin around the eyes.

Rated and Reviewed

The Collagen Eye Mask is adored among models and makeup artists as its immediate, skin-smoothing benefits allow for seamless makeup application. The formula is also highly regarded by industry experts thanks to its innovative use of Native Collagen Fibres and Collagen Peptides.

Backed by Experts

“The Carol Joy London Collagen Eye Mask is great for maintaining your skin’s firmness and elasticity as well as pumping the skin around your eyes and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This allows makeup to glide on smoothly with a flawless‑looking finish.”

Yasmin Salmon, Makeup Artist and Skincare Influencer

Why Do We Love It? 

“The Collagen Eye Mask combines super humectant Hyaluronic Acid and moisture-boosting collagen technology. Together, these actives work synergistically, locking moisture into your skin to help plump and rejuvenate the delicate under-eye area. This helps to combat the appearance of fine lines while creating a brighter, younger-looking complexion.”

– Faeye McAuley, Head of Spa

Collagen Eye Mask in action

Collagen Eye Mask in action

Fake a full night’s sleep with this advanced under-eye treatment, powered by collagen to help deliver instant rejuvenation and fight signs of fatigue. 

Easy to use on the go, the Collagen Eye Mask is a must-have when travelling or before a special event. Adored by beauty editors, makeup artists, and models, this mask offers visible results in just 20 minutes. 

PRO TIP: Apply the Collagen Eye Mask before makeup for seamless application and a long-lasting finish.

Suitable for all skin types and ophthalmologically tested, the Collagen Eye Mask is a versatile, non-irritating treatment. For long-term benefits, we recommend using it two times per week on freshly cleansed skin as part of your regular routine.

Perfect Product Pairs

Perfect Product Pairs

The Collagen Eye Mask is an easy-to-use and highly effective under-eye treatment. It pairs well with Carol Joy London’s other targeted treatments to help lift and define the eye contour.

Multimasking Duo
Collagen Eye Mask + Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask

Wrinkle Targeting Duo
Neck and Décolleté Cream + Collagen Eye Mask

Ultimate Lifting Duo
Collagen Eye Mask + Lifting Eye Contour

Spotted backstage at This Morning

Spotted backstage at This Morning

“It’s my go-to for camera-ready skin.”
– Katie Daisy, Celebrity Makeup Artist

The Collagen Eye Mask has become a backstage skincare essential among industry pros. This includes Celebrity Makeup Artist, Katie Daisy, who recently used the treatment to prep BBC Radio 1 presenter Mollie King’s skin before her appearance on This Morning. The seasoned MUA also used the Collagen Eye Mask to get documentary maker Zara McDermott red-carpet-ready before the 2024 Brit Awards.

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