Spa Treatments

Collagen-boosting treatments

Pure Lift Facial Sculpting Treatment

Key benefits: Harnesses the power of collagen | Lifts | Firms

LED Collagen Treatment

Key benefits: Harnesses the power of LED light therapy | Features innovative collagen technology | Enhances skin health

Oxygen Rejuvenation Treatment

Key benefits: Reinvigorates your complexion | Improves skin’s overall appearance

Comprehensive collagen treatments

Boosting Collagen and Vitamin C Facial  ‑ 90 minutes

Key benefits: Targets signs of ageing and pigmentation | Leaves skin luminous | Revitalises

Collagen Sculpting Treatment  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Rejuvenates the eyes, lips, décolleté and hands | Includes a cryo globe massage | Reduces fine lines | Hydrates | Brightens dark circles

Express Collagen Facial  ‑  30–45 minutes

Key benefits: Harnesses the power of collagen | Delivers glowing skin

Advanced rejuvenation treatments

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Facial  ‑ 90 minutes

Key benefits: Stimulates cell renewal | Accelerates collagen production | Improves elasticity

Collagen and Vitamin C Facial  ‑ 90 minutes

Key benefits: Targets signs of photoageing | Balances your skin tone | Brightens your complexion

Caviar and Algae Facial  ‑ 90 minutes

Key benefits: Rebalances skin | Restores moisture levels | Tightens skin

24-Carat Gold Facial  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Increases blood circulation | Encourages cell regeneration | Boosts radiance

Classic Facial  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Restores your skin’s vitality | Calms your skin | Smooths and softens your skin

Sculpting Eye Lift  ‑ 30 minutes

Key benefits: Smooths skin around the eye contour | Boosts hydration | Reduces the appearance of dark circles

Fire and Ice Facial  ‑ 90 minutes

Key benefits: Tailored to your skin concerns | Works at a cellular level | Enhances your complexion

Lifting Facial  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Sculpts facial muscles | Boosts elasticity | Defines facial contours

Diamond Facial  ‑ 90 minutes

Key benefits: Creates a flawless finish | Refines texture | Hydrates and smooths

Oxygen Facial  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Cools, reawakens, and detoxifies | Reduces the effects of environmental stressors | Boosts nutrients and microcirculation

Body treatments

Caviar and Algae Detox  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Smooths the appearance of cellulite | Aids lymphatic drainage | Eliminates toxins

Caviar and Collagen Cocoon  ‑ 90 minutes

Key benefits: Full-body, detoxifying treatment | Supports collagen production | Soothes tension

Mineral Cleanse  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Eliminates toxins | Purifies | Leaves skin silky soft

Fire and Ice  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Alleviates tension | Soothes aching muscles | Reduces signs and symptoms of inflammation


Senses Collection Massage  ‑ 90 minutes

Key benefits: Personalised to you with your choice of aromatherapy oil | Warms | Uplifts | Detoxifies | Soothes

Deep Sleep Ritual  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Soothes your mind and body | Creates a deep sense of relaxation | Melts away tension

24-Carat Gold Massage  ‑ 60 minutes

Key benefits: Aromatherapy massage with bespoke signature oils | Enhances your wellness | Eases muscle tension

Body Polish  ‑ 30 minutes

Key benefits: Softens your skin | Detoxifies | Restores a radiant glow.

Nourishing Scalp Massage  ‑ 30 minutes

Key benefits: Heavenly tension release | Promotes healthy hair | Boosts circulation | Nourishes hair from scalp to tip

Frequently asked questions

The unique collagen-powered formulas we use in our facials help improve your skin’s elasticity. They have also been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost hydration. These benefits make collagen a key ingredient for anti-ageing and rejuvenating facial treatments.

For optimum results, we recommend a collagen facial every four to six weeks. However, this can vary depending on your skin’s needs and skincare goals.

Yes, collagen treatments are generally suitable for all skin types. They are particularly beneficial for those looking to combat signs of ageing and improve skin texture.

While some immediate effects like a refreshed and hydrated complexion can be instantly visible, the full benefits of collagen treatments are typically seen with regular sessions over time.

For effective, visible results pair your collagen facial treatment with high-performance skincare featuring Collagen Peptides, Soluble Collagen Molecules, and other age-defying active ingredients.