Hydrate / Moisturisers

Hydrate / Moisturisers

Discover our hydrating collection of moisturisers and serums as part of your indulgent skincare ritual.


"You should hydrate your skin twice daily—once in the morning and once at night—as part of your regular skincare routine," says Faeye McCawley, our Global Head Educator. "For an extra boost of hydration, use our Pure Collagen Spray throughout the day and our Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask twice a week." June 2024

"Signs of dehydrated skin include dryness, tightness, dullness, and fine lines. Your skin might also feel rough or flaky, which can often be confused with simply having dry skin," explains Faeye McCawley, our Global Head Educator. "To combat this, hydrate and plump your skin throughout the day with our Pure Collagen Spray and use our gentle Cleansing Cream to avoid stripping the skin." June 2024

"A moisturiser is typically thicker and provides a barrier to lock in moisture, while a serum is lightweight and delivers active ingredients deep into the skin," explains Faeye McCawley, our Global Head Educator. "Serums are formulated with smaller molecular structures, allowing them to penetrate deeper levels of the dermis. This makes them more potent and effective at targeting specific skin concerns from within, offering more intensive treatment and longer-lasting results."

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Benefits of Award Winning Collagen


agree skin feels firmer and moisturised


improvement in skin elacticity


Reduction in wrinkle depth

*Based on the results of a clinical trial on 20 participants aged 31-59 after four weeks of twice‑daily usage.