The Wedding Skin Edit: Your Ultimate Guide to Achieving Radiant Wedding-Ready Skin

The Wedding Skin Edit: Your Ultimate Guide to Achieving Radiant Wedding-Ready Skin

From the moment you say “yes” to the final “I do,” every detail, including your skin, matters. And while certain things may be out of your control, one thing you can absolutely guarantee in time for your big day (with a little help from us, of course) is glowing, radiant skin. 

First thing’s first – congratulations are in order! Nothing beats the feeling of becoming a bride-to-be and we understand that your wedding day is one of the most anticipated and cherished moments of your life. 

From the moment you say “yes” to the final “I do,” every detail, including your skin, matters. And while certain things may be out of your control, one thing you can absolutely guarantee in time for your big day (with a little help from us, of course) is glowing, radiant skin. 

We know that you want to walk down the aisle looking and feeling your best. That is why we have curated the ultimate guide to achieving smooth, illuminated, wedding-ready skin. Here, you will find treatment recommendations, skincare routine advice, and insider tips from our very own Global Head of Spa, Faeye McAuley.


Starting Early: The Importance of Pre-Wedding Skin Prep

Preparing your skin before the big day begins long before you are sitting in the makeup chair, wearing a white silk négligé, longing to slip into your wedding dress. Most UK brides embark on a specialised skincare regimen at least 3-6 months before walking down the aisle. 

Our Global Head of Spa, Faeye McAuley explains, “Prepping your skin well in advance of your wedding day is key to achieving the best results. I recommend starting preparation anywhere between 6-12 months ahead of the big day.” 

While this might seem premature, it is important to remember that skincare treatments take time to work their magic and products must often be used for at least six weeks before any long-term results are noticed. This early start allows ample time for you to treat yourself to a series of rejuvenating facials and adjust your skincare routine to suit your goals.

Whether you are hoping to curb signs of ageing, acne, scarring, or unwanted pigmentation, starting early gives you the best chance of achieving that coveted bridal glow. 


Expert Recommendations for Pre-Wedding Facial Treatments

We understand expert advice is important for any bride-to-be. In fact, it is reported that around 45% of brides in the UK consult with a dermatologist or a skincare professional to help them create a tailored skincare ritual that suits their skin type in preparation for their wedding. 

To save you the trouble of popping down to your dermatologist’s office, we spoke to our Global Head of Spa, Faeye McAuley to understand how you can best prep your skin before the big day.

“Set skincare goals that will help target your own individual concerns,” Faeye recommends. “You might want to try and encourage collagen production, boost hydration, or clear breakouts. Whatever your goal might be, I always tell my bridal clients to allow 6-12 months for facial treatments and new products to work,” she adds.

“I would also recommend booking a facial one week before your wedding day to help detoxify and hydrate your skin. This will help curb any surprise breakouts on the day.” 

To help enhance radiance and promote youthful rejuvenated skin, around 50% of UK brides indulge in professional facial treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or specialised facials in the months leading up to their wedding*. These treatments target various skin concerns and help improve texture, tone, and overall luminosity.

A spa brand at heart, Carol Joy London offers a range of luminosity-boosting facials, anti-ageing treatments, and rejuvenating dermatological therapies that are perfect for brides in waiting.

“Any of Carol Joy London’s facials would be ideal for brides-to-be. It completely depends on your skin’s needs and the results you want to achieve. When you visit a Carol Joy London treatment space, our aestheticians will assess your skin and get to know your goals so they can help tailor a treatment plan to your needs.In general, I would always advise brides to focus on hydration and plumping, so regular collagen facials would be my go-to.” 


Pure Lift Facial Sculpting Treatment

This treatment harnesses the power of collagen to help lift, firm, and sculpt your skin.

LED Collagen Treatment

Using LED light therapy and innovative collagen technology, this treatment works to support healthy collagen synthesis and overall skin health for a fresher, rejuvenated appearance.

Boosting Collagen and Vitamin C Facial  ‑ 90 minutes

Combines the brightening benefits of Vitamin C with the age-defying effects of Collagen to hellp target signs of ageing, reduce hyperpigmentation and improve radiance.

Collagen Sculpting Treatment  ‑ 60 minutes

Rejuvenates the eyes, lips and décolleté as well as your hands by delivering deep hydration, targeting fine lines, and brightening dark circles. This facial also includes a rejuvenating cryo globe massage.

Express Collagen Facial  ‑  30–45 minutes

A quick, yet effective treatment that harnesses the rejuvenating power of Collagen to help target signs of ageing while hydrating skin for a plumper, more luminous appearance.


Consumer Testimonial: A Bride's Perspective

"I never realised the impact a dedicated skincare routine could have until I started preparing for my wedding. Thanks to the guidance of Carol Joy London’s skincare experts and the results of their collagen-packed products, my skin never looked better than it did on the day of my wedding. I felt confident and radiant as I walked down the aisle, and I owe it all to the investment I made in my skin." - Liza, Recent Bride.


The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Skincare Ritual 

We have delved into the benefits of facials and skin treatments, so now it is time to teach you how to curate the ultimate pre-wedding skincare ritual.

When you walk down the aisle, we know that you want to look and feel like the best version of you. In skincare terms, that means having truly healthy skin that appears smooth, plump, rejuvenated and boasts an almost ethereal lit-from-within radiance. And that just so happens to be the essence of Carol Joy London’s skincare philosophy. 

Our products are formulated to the highest standards, using only the finest ingredients, resulting in skincare solutions that you can trust to deliver that coveted bridal glow. We use German-engineered Triple-Action Collagen to help support and boost your skin’s natural collagen process. This, along with ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, super-antioxidant Vitamin C, and our signature Golden Millet Oil, helps to plump and rejuvenate skin while promoting epidermal health and imparting a natural radiance. 

Faeye’s advice? “Start using any new products well in advance to make sure they suit your skin and there are no reactions right before the big day.”

The Core Routine

No matter your skin type, concerns, or goals, these are the three core products that will form the foundation of your pre-wedding skincare ritual: