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About our collections

Whether you’re looking to moisturise dry skin, achieve a more radiant complexion, or tackle fine lines and wrinkles, our concern-focussed collections are specially selected to seamlessly slot into your daily skincare ritual. 

Formulated with the finest ingredients and meticulously crafted in our state-of-the-art Swiss laboratories, our products are powered by potent actives to provide you with visible results. Whatever your skincare goals might be, our targeted collections are here to help.

Firming and Anti-Ageing collection

Firming and Anti-Ageing collection

Looking for firmer, supple skin? Our dedicated Firming and Anti-Ageing collection promises to aid you in ageing beautifully. Here, our scientifically-engineered Triple-Action Collagen takes centre stage, boosting hydration and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

Operating deep within your skin to leave a lasting effect, our Firming and Anti-Ageing collection utilises Collagen Peptides to boost your body’s natural collagen production. 

Firming actives, such as Evening Primrose Stem Cells, are on hand to help lift, sculpt and define your facial contours for a younger-looking appearance.

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Hydration collection

Hydration collection

A refined addition to every stage of your skincare routine, the Hydration collection is the ideal antidote to skin-stripping cleansers, boosting hydration in every step. 

Packed with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, our Cleansing Cream hydrates as it purifies, ensuring that your skin isn’t left dry or itchy. Our scientific formulation foregoes the harsh actives in favour of Bioavailable Collagen, which binds water to the skin and locks in moisture.

To ensure a lasting effect, the Hydration range fortifies your skin barrier, preventing transepidermal water loss to leave your skin hydrated in the long term.

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Radiance collection

Radiance collection

Rejuvenate dull, lacklustre skin with our Radiance ritual, formulated with luminosity-boosting exfoliants and ultra-hydrating collagen actives. The Radiance collection includes our Cleansing Cream to enrich your skin with Shea Butter and Golden Millet Oil, Boosting Toner to exfoliate and decongest your pores, and plenty more. 

Designed to deliver a silky smooth, glass-like complexion, the Radiance collection is a must-have for an instant facial boost.

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Brightness collection

Brightness collection

Whether you are worried about dark circles, age spots or hyperpigmentation, our Brightness collection is on hand to provide instant relief, giving you luminous, weightless skin. 

Packed with tyrosinase inhibitors, including Alpha Arbutin, and brightening antioxidants, including powerhouse Vitamin C, our brightening formulas are devised to block excess melanin production and lift your skin’s complexion. 

Heavily featuring our trademark Triple-Action Collagen, as well as actives including Caffeine to boost microcirculation, our Brightness range helps prevent post-blemish pigmentation, leaving you looking bright and beautiful.

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Purifying and Detoxifying collection

Purifying and Detoxifying collection

For cleaner, fresher-feeling skin, the Purifying and Detoxifying collection guarantees an indulgent experience and lasting results. 

Removing dead skin cells, decongesting pores and reducing the appearance of blackheads with ease, this collection of products promises to leave your skin feeling refined and freshened.

Using potent botanical ingredients like Raspberry Fruit Extract and Horsetail Extract, this range helps exfoliate your skin, while mechanical exfoliants like Diamond Powder and Bamboo Powder help regulate oil production to prevent oily skin.

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